Music infoPr0n- this tool rocks!

Many thanks to pshairyn for this sweet new band finding bit of info porn: music-map. It's based on a learning directory where people put in 3 bands they like, then it autogenerates the positions of different bands in the map based on the links between them. Obviously this is directed at a slim demographic, but it's a great way of finding new bands. Also on the site are similar directory projects for books and movies. I really like the graphical element to the recommendations based on peoples input because it makes it a more tool than a simple amazon review.


Anonymous said...

you left out the website...?

Pshairyns Pscandinavian Pshow said...


I made it into your blog!! I feel so special!
Don't forget epitonic though, which, while not being quite as graphical, gives you mp3s of many of the related bands.
(I guess I should have linked epitonic in mine)