Festa (said with fist defiantly up in the air whilst sporting my che shirt)

So the last night I was in rome (before the pointless rome-london-rome-london trip) , my friend Gianfranco (don't you guys love these italian names) and I went to the Festa de l'Unita, or the unity festival. This is a festival put on by a party called the DEMOCRATICI DI SINISTRA (the democratic left, kinda between democrats and commies). The booths were the usual food, astounding timesaving product, and sponsor booths( vodafone, telecom, sky ) you find at festivals, regular tshirt stands, as well as a big bookstore tent. However, it also had: a free palestine booth( with excellent kebabs and a comfy hookah smoking tent decked out with couches and carpets), a booth of all natural clothing, a booth with shirts made by prisoners in jail, and a stage which featured music performances and rousing leftist speaches. It was kind of like a berkeley street fair with a little more style and credibility because this is backed by an actual political party with these views not just aging hippies and idealistic students...oh wait.... Regardless it was a lot of fun, the food was good, the booths were interesting, the crowd was cool, and I swear there was a recreation of the seating outside of wall berlin only with better cheaper coffee.

Towards the end of the evening I was just shy of picking up a copy of the little red book in Italian, then I decided to spend some money on greed based consumption and eat a kebab sandwich followed by some intensive decadant lounging on a carpet draped chaise in the hookah tent. When I get around to it I'll post some pictures

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