Why should scientologists have all the fun? or Stop asking questions, and join the fold

How tough could it be to start a religion. As my dad once jokingly said, it's the next step in the economy: products, services, complex services, complex services supersized with an ideology. Before I go any further, I want to be clear that I'm not mocking any real religions here (I am of course mocking scientology, cause man, is that a screwy set of beliefs). Maybe religion is too strong a word, but a cult like organization that people will have some faith in and devote some time and money to is what I'm shooting for. I would of course use it for personal profit, but somewhere in there I'd also try and use it to do some good intelligently. This cult would be very fixated on this life rather than the next, hell maybe I'll call it something lame like the goodlife. Like all good religions there will be some sort of a manifesto that lays out the ethos, but how does one make the transition from club to cult. I guess the first step is the book, then the next step is seed money for spreading the publication like other pamphlet spread religions. I'm also going to need a charismatic or respectable figurehead for my religion, I don't have the ego, nor the ability to pull that off. The basic hook will be along the lines of "want to lead a better life with minimal effort." After the book comes out everything else will have to be worked out.


Evan Elder said...

Forget the book. Come out with stylish/overpriced products that inspire technolust. Then people will give up their hard earned cash to join your cult. And you should wear a black t-shirt with black jeans all the time.

harsh said...

Apple's only done part of it, they haven't tried to really use it for a political agenda ( unless you count the WOZ efforts towards a utopia)