So I've tried it before, and it's never looked good, but once again...I am growing facial hair. In college I briefly had a ridiculous goatee, and once for haloween I grew a scruffy pirate beard, but this time I think I'm gonna do it for real for a little while. So far I'm one week into the effort, and it looks really bad, but the purpose of this beard isn't for me to look great, just to look older.

Right now I haven't started shaping it in any real way aside from shaving my neck. I need to figure out what kind of shape I want to go with. In a couple days I'll post a pic and take suggestions for how to shape the beard so it can look anything other than ridiculous.

Once nice thing about trying this in Rome is the ubiquity of ugly facial hair. Many Romans have no idea how absurd they look, and at the office you can appear professional with a week of stubble (Rome is an odd city). Now I have another little side project, I think half of the appeal is the whole evil-harsh aspect of growing some facial hair. Of course once I start working on projects other than my current one, I will have to shave it. But till then I'm gonna have some fun with it ( right now I kind of look like an east european math grad student in the midst of finals).

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