Google...we need to talk

Where to begin? We've been seeing eachother since late 98 from your humble beginnings as only a search engine, back when I would still visit you, hotbot, metacrawler and a few others to discover content. Back then I still believed in bookmarks, instead of just turning to you for access to everything. Sure I've occasionally used other sites like kartoo for it's semantic relational appeal, dogpile for it's commerce heavy focus, even yahoo just to kick around the inktomi engine, but every day I come back to google. You've added a lot of functionality in the past years and it's brought us much closer. Blogger, Orkut, Picasa, Translation tools, Sets, Local, Google SMS, News, and the abillity to search the usenet have all made my life easier, but it's getting out of hand. You provide my only view of the internet, and are the primary channel through which I receive and disseminate information. I'm not alone, you've seduced all of the geeks I know with your technology and approach to information on the internet. But our relationship has gotten out of control, I'm way too dependant on you, I need to start using other technologies. I'm looking for other search engines and I'm going to move out. I'm in search of some nice server space and I'm moving to an MT blog in a month or so, I might still use the blogger api, and I'll never stop using your search, translate, and well... everything from the labs, but I need some space. And as you index this page, I hope you understand

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