Techie Band Names- Exercising nerdy impulses

I had a wierd dream a few weeks ago where I was in a highschool "battle of the bands" and I was frontman of a band called "karmarkar and the interior points" (I know it's a different karmarkar) and our primary competition was "dantzig wolfe decomposition" (another optimization algorithm) and I realized that the secret to winning the competition was to first understand the algorithm and break the situation down to a smaller problem (yes, in my dreams I'm a bigger nerd than I am awake, scary no?). The result of this absolutely disturbing dream was the begining of a list of science related band names. If you read this blog and are like minded submit a band name in the comments.

Here's the list to start it off.

Karmarkar and the Interior Points

Danzig-Wolfe Decomposition

Pons and Fleishman (The first Albim was so cold it was hot, but after great hype it was rejected by the music community)

Dr. Watson (and spiral staircase)



Chromium (a heavy metal band of course)

Parties in PSPACE

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Anonymous said...

entropy - their standings in the charts is always increasing

eigenband - very eclectic. they express a small component of every genre.