At last I seem to have found a cross platform computing solution so that I can always have access to my applications, files, etc. It's nothing new but the approach and suite of programs will make it very easy to implement. Rather than carry the relevant applications etc on a fast external, what about just logging into a remote machine, doing everything there, and just ftping/emailing the relevant files when I need them. Yes enlightened readers, I speak of the opensource VNC, faster than X, lighter and cheaper than timbuktu, completely cross platform and simple. with the java viewer enabled all I'd need is a web browser. Granted, there are limitations and times when I'd be unable to acess the appropriate port, but for most situations, aside from dialup, this is perfect . The eventuality of this is that I can see myself eventually having a highly available redundant server somewhere with my personal environment up and then just connecting remotely. I'd keep the relevant data files backed up in a couple places and synchronize the system periodically, but think about it, centralized logs and cache ove3r all of your personal computing environments. Also a secure relay if you connect over ssh so no one can see what ports you're really accessing. Me gusta.

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