"Good luck solving the Val Kilmer tagging caper!"

taciturn verbosity in the key of shufler - November 10th, 2004


Pshairyns Pscandinavian Pshow said...

speaking of val kilmer, i saw him as moses in the 10 commandments. boy did he blow!

Evan Elder said...

Here's my obligatory LA story about Val:

One time I was in LA and I was getting in a taxi. Then Val Kilmer tried to get in the taxi too and share the ride. I was on my way to the Buckley School, so I didn't want any hassle, as you know how big a deal they make if you're late to class. So, I said, "hey, you're rich get your own taxi," and then threw him out and slammed the door.

Anonymous said...

who's responsible for the Val Kilmer Tagging Caper?