Tommy B, scourge of republicans in the blogshpere, returns

Many regular readers of this blog may be familiar with the online political commentary purveyed by my good friend Tom Berman; well, after a brief hiatus due to his involvment in the star-crossed Kerry campaign, he's back! In blog form! Those of you who are unfamiliar with the writings of Tom Berman (aka "Malibu Beach Phatty", "Kansas City Kid", "Impressario of Funk", "Nylar", "Tubby Pigeon", and simply called "the Antichrist" by the catholic leage of america) are in for a treat. Tom isn't just another sharp witted liberal putting his opinions to the web. Thanks to a healthy dose of cynicism, and thoughtfulness, his discourse is chock full of realism and reflects his understanding of the atomic issues he addresses as well as their implications in the global political landscape. I am about to make a claim that I make about few things on the internet: reading his blog is time well spent (and this comes from one of the least political people to have ever disgraced berkeley's hallowed halls). Oh, and for an alternate view, his equally insightful conservative amateurnight counterpart John Atkinson (Chiasm link from tom's page) is also worth a read.

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