New York is starting to grow on me

So I've never been a huge fan of the big apple, I've always seen it as a difficult place to exist in because of the hassles of the crowds, the cold weather, and the prevalence of type A personalities. However, my last few trips there have been so good that I could actually see myself living there (if it was 30 degrees warmer in the winter and 10 degrees cooler in the summer). There's definitly something to be said for a city where everything's accessible by foot or subway. It's no Rome by a long stretch, but it's definitly got one thing that the Bay Area doesn't, and that's a glut of young professional women. It's like all the women that fled Silicon Valley, to escape the engineers, have all resettled in NYC. The difference is staggering and instantly apparent when one first sets foot on the island (I make no claims about the B&T set, it's been years since I've been anywhere in NY state outside of Manhattan, JFK, and the road between them). New York is also the site of my new favorite bar in the US, The Campbell Apartment. Hidden in plain view in grand central station, this little anachronistic gem has all the atmosphere of a wealthy 1930's Industrialist's office with nice little extra touches like hostesses who will escort your drink to you so a waiter with a tray can actually hand it to you.

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