Incoherant ramblings in this blog's future

In my blog I occasionally go off on tangents about information theory data description etc. The more I work with data, and the more propellerheads, philosophers, metadata junkies, culture jammers, and wannabe-sophists I encounter, the more fascinated I become with semantics, context, and the potential and methods for inferencing higher level content out of information streams ( both professionally and recreationally). In the interest of validating some of my thoughts on these topics I have decided to start putting my ramblings up on my blog. Who knows, maybe some day I'll pursue a graduate degree in marketing, philosophy, information theory, or "symbolic systems" and the blog posts will be re-edited into a thesis.

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Anonymous said...

Sym sys has a masters degree at the Farm. Just sayin. I could, like, hook you up. But you might have to start cheering on the Cardinal. - u