Gadget bag revisited

So I may be back to posting occasionally rather than just dumping a photo on from my phone. I figured the best way to kick this off was dusting off what's in my gadget bag, since it's changed enough that I thought I might as well drop it on you again. There are some gems for the road warrior, that you might not have thought of.

  • The laptop- still rockin the Thinkpad line, but the office saw fit to upgrade me to the t60 a while ago. I still haven't seen a laptop that's as good for the road warrior as the thinkpads are
  • Biz phone- still with blackberry only now it's the 8310 GPS is a nice tough, but the trackball interface is not quite there
  • Personal phone- I caved and bought an iphone, I still hate many things about it, but the N95 it's nearest competitor is too heavy and has worse battery life :(. I wasn't going to jail break it because I figured the SDk would drop faster, but I need to get me some mms, a bluetooth keyboard, and some copy and paste so I might be forced to
  • 3G Internet- I went with the Sprint U727 usb modem cause the terms of service allow for rebroadcast ( cluch), it stores the drivers in the device, it can hold microSD cards, and it can be used by the next gadget in the list
  • Cradlepoint PHS 300 -This thing is awesome, it's a battery powered wifi hotspot that can be used with my usb modem for dsl like speeds across my computer and iphone at once. The battery lasts for 2 hours of hard usage which is enough for most times
  • APC usb battery pack- everything else on this list but the hotspot charges/runs off usb, so this thing is a no brainer easy to charge, easy to use. Better than the macally one because it has an LED indicator, major con is that to use it you have to hit a button every 15 mins to wake it up
  • Sony Ebook reader- I bought it two days after it came out and it's still with me every trip. I've got a lot of free books loaded on the thing and when I'm caught somewhere it lets me catch up on some classics
  • Creative portable speakers- still great when you wanna play some music or watch a movie on the laptop
You may have noticed I lost the camera from this list. I realized I don't really care about image quality and both my personal and work phones have acceptable cameras for capturing fun moments

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