Everything's bigger out here

So a few people have mentioned it in various blog comments, and it's true. I am no longer an international man of mystery. The assignment that pulled me away from the 3 months in London is a six month posting in Dallas Texas ( I feel that this should be punctuated by a Yee Haw!). I thought I'd share a few little tidbits from my first two weeks out here.
  • Out here they like both types of music ( Country, and Western)
  • It's humid, I mean armpit after a marathon humid
  • They have a conspiracy museum here ( and a grassy knoll)
  • People are much friendlier than LA, SF, or NYC ( I think I've heard about 15 unsolicited life stories this week)
  • Texas is all about beef barbequeue, so pulled pork and pork ribs just aren't as popular. Hell, out here people use beef as a condiment( for their beef), and a staple.
  • Looking European is not acceptable at the office (time to leave the jacket and shirts that fit well in LA)
  • There are a lot of good restaurants around, even plenty of foodie worthy stops
  • Driving in Dallas is easier than expected, they have LA type traffic, but none of the expected agressiveness.
  • A lot of people dig Jesus and will mention God/Jesus in conversation
  • You can actually see people wearing cowboy hats just walkin around on the streets

And now responses to the two things people always say when I mention I'm in Dallas for six months

  • No, I don't look much like a longhorn, your command of the obvious is staggering.
  • I am, in fact, hot on the trail of who really shot J.R.


Pshairyns Pscandinavian Pshow said...

If I know which jacket you are talking about, you should definitely leave it behind. In fact, Italy wouldn't have been too far behind.

harsh said...

Hey, the jacket in question here was a blue sportcoat. People down here just aren't as formal during the week at the office, or as casual on fridays

Sal DeTraglia said...

People in Texas use beef as a condiment for their beef?! LOL!

I have to reprint that quote on my blog. Hope you don't mind.


Clark said...

Although I wouldn't mention it to any native Texans, you might enjoy checking out Errol Morris's "Thin Blue Line." It's a film guaranteed to leave the viewer mumbling "f-ing Texas" to himself for days afterward.