Beer bong technology saves your vodka!!!!

It's well known fact that you can revent blindness by filtering your homemade moonshine, but it can also really help take the edge off a cheap vodka. Since this knowledge made it into the mainstream a gray kangaroo has actually statred selling liquor filters . But you can accomplish this yourself really cheaply with a home made activated charcoal filter. The easiest way to do it is to get about a 3 foot section of wide tubing (2") at a hardware store and put in a screen and ball valve at one end, then fill it (reasonably tightly packed) with activated charcoal. At the other end put in a funnel. Tighten with hose clamps, pour your vodka in, and enjoy. If I had an apartment I'd have one of these running at all times


Sal DeTraglia said...

Absolutely brilliant! Somebody deserves a Nobel Prize for this.

Just imagine the market for this in Russia.

I wonder if a Brita water filter would work as well?

On on!

u said...

Sal - actually, the first time Harsh and I heard about this concept was when a bunch of guys tried using Brita's. Apparently it takes a few times, but you can chain multiple filters together. Check out

cookiecrumb said...

I had a comment on my post about infused vodkas that Brita filters are good for gassy vodka! Haven't verified it, though.
OK, I'm going to that ohmygod site now.