Readin, Writin, and Readjusting

Back traveling and in good health with a little bit of jet lag granted free time to wander the poorly lit alleys of the mind. Lately I've done a lot less thinking for the sake of thinking, writing (about anything), or liesure reading. So the ole bloggin' thing has fallen somewhat to the wayside but I shall fill in the large gaps of time from The Big Easy to LA along with at least one mroe installment in my book blog (100 nights at the bar).

After reading jim munroe's Everyone in Silico. I am back to thinking about subvertising, mainstream "counter-cultures", and the power of trend drivers, from not only a capitalist, but also an activist socially conscious point of view. Reputation and "goodwill" are more usefull on a large scale than capital alone, but if it were that easy to turn cash into admiration, I wouldn't have to occasionally pretend to be canadian.

Just thought I'd share some sprawling musings to get reacquainted with blogging the little fugitive thoughts that escape the confines of my skull. I'm beginning to see some clear themes reappearing regularly in this blog, and I'm probably gettin repetetive, but you never know, maybe one of these days's I'll start acting on these little tendrils of restlesness that are boring themselves through my brain.

Current auditory fixation: Gomez (concert review may be forthcoming)

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u said...

oooooh, look how much influence I have on your media choices!!! Of course, I'm still listening to your mix cd at work. Read Munroe's other stuff (except for Angry Young Spaceman.) He's very funny.