Media is the message is so 20th century

"The Media is the Message" is overused and dated. The trendy update is Meta vs the Data, but I think I'm going to go with Context vs the content to, ya know, keep it real. The crux is of the conflict is whether you can deliver a piece of information with a different context (last hop to person receiving, such as: tv, radio, not necessarily dependant on the underlying codec/protocol) without altering it's meaning. A speech in a written letter vs an email vs an sms vs radio vs b/w video vs technicolor video vs true color video can have different implicit meanings and connotations. So how do you caputure this essential information and the author's intent when changing the medium of transfer, or even the overall context of delivery? More usefully, how do you exploit this and spin the context to deliver a new message without altering the content at all?

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