War for Unique User Views

The OS, then the browser,then the portal, now what?

So Yahoo has now responded to the ludicrous amount of gmail storage by upping their accounts to 100mb. One has to wonder how long it will be before microsoft will step up to the plate and deliver a better free email service. The real power with delivery of information is controlling the channel. 10 years ago that meant controlling the desktop, 5 years ago that meant controlling the browser, now it's controlling the content delivery channels to deliver targeted content/ads. Between MSN, Yahoo, Google, and the dying aol, Google is quickly becoming the 500lb gorilla with the best search engine, the best email, the best news search, the entire usenet archives, a blogging service (this one), and an affiliated social/business networking community ( orkut). Granted MSN and yahoo have their answers to most of these, but by coming in later as player with a less commercial and stronger technical reputation, I certainly trust google more. MSN and Yahoo come off as pushing content too much, through google I search what's out there and get a less biased view of things. My one gripe is that google has decided not to bundle services under one login, but to provide most services as standalones. It would be nice to have one login/session for orkut, gmail, and blogger, but since I managed to land the same username for all I guess I'm happy
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More think pieces!


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If you love google so much why don't you just marry it

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I agree with Tom. This was good.

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