Interesting hobbies....

So I had a realization today whilst talking to a friend online.  In the pursuit of lofty corporate goals I have basically lost all of my hobbies other than snark.

The friend in question seems to have nought but hobbies.

  • Seasonally she's a grunion greeter
  • She's an avid baker
  • Occasional horticulturist 
  • She's spun a few scarves, and welded some jewelry
  • She took up surfing, and dare I say it ...even blogging
  • Amateur Mycologist and Bee keeper
  • And then... she has a tendancy to go on a trip and pick up a few more
As I spoke to her, I began to realize that I really had none outside drinking and eating (at which I excel)
I used to ride a bike, go hiking, play squash, play dungeons and dragons, kickball etc.  

So every once in a while I make a plan.  This year I'm not just gonna get some hobbies,  I'm going to upgrade.  Harsh 3.0 from  Harsh 2.0 which came in college when I started working out again, started wearing better clothes, and realized I was gonna get a good job and go the corporate route.

In order to attain the next "point-oh" I'm looking at an overhaul of lifestyle completely.  Superficial and internal.  In no particular order
  • Get a couple cool bags to finally carry all my stuff for travel and walking around
  • Get a bunch of stuff to simpfy my life, and manage my junk
  • Manage my to dos
  • Learn a language
  • Write regularly.  Articles, position papers for work, whatever just something to keep the mind busy and capture my occasianal flame of brilliance
  • Stay on top of the tech I like
  • Listen to music.  I'm gonna find out new stuff I like and start buyng it on amazon
  • Hit the Gym.  I'm about 5 lbs overweight now and slow as hell.  Time to go back to the gym, play squash, take up running
  • Learn about wine
  • Improve business skills: Managment, Accounting, business models, etc
I figure I'll get about 50% of it done if I give it the old college try.

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pshow said...

Awww, I'm flattered that I inspired your first blog post of the year! Though "nought but hobbies" doesn't make a career. We've all got stuff we're working on.

Dare I say, though, more stuff doesn't usually help simplify.