My new work setup- thank you apple

So, I've finally got a work layout that fits all the stuff I want open.  In front of me is my macbook air which is a mix of personal and auxiliary work computer.  to the left is my work thinkpad, and to the right is my ipad acting as a second monitor with airdisplay showing my calendar.  and of course for hilarity on the mac is a picture of the exact same setup.

I waited a long time to get a mac because A) work wouldn't pay for one, and B I didn't really think I needed yet another computer ( I've already got an imac, a work laptop, an old personal laptop, a netbook, and an old work laptop floating around).  But I decided it's time to just buy the super cool thin computer I've always wanted.  The set up seems a little ridiculous, but it works and overall takes up less bag space and weight than a 17" high perf HP laptop.  Seriously, all 3 machines, kinda crazy no?  I think I may have to get rid of the work laptop eventually, but for now this is a kickass setup.  When I do kill the work machine I'm actually in pretty good stead using a combination of VPN, davmail, and vmware images to support all of my corporate IT compliance needs

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