Holy Crap, Indonesian toddler smokes like a chimney

So in my experience out here in Asia, I've noticed that overall, there's a lot more smoking than everywhere else I've been.  Obviously more than the states, but also a ton more than western Europe, France and Italy included.  Of the Asian groups I've met, the Indonesians definitely take the cake. So over the course of the last couple weeks some of the guys have been working in Jakarta and joking that people start smoking as kids out there.  Sure enough the international news media has found a baby that smokes 2 packs a day (Video on The Age).  Seriously.  Not only does this kid smoke that many cigs, but he's got his own style to it from watching others.  He's chubby and too unfit to play with other kids, but his folks still buy him the cigarettes.  In my opinion another reason why he doesn't play with other kids is he's seen as a bad influence.  After all, would you let your 2 year old play with the fat kid who smokes .

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