Social Websites revisited

As I try to sort out/streamline my digital life, which seems to be inversely related in activity to my analog life, I've chanced upon a couple sites I signed up for ages ago but never really started using till just now.
  1. OpenID, and the rep building site attached to it called jyte, of course now that google and yahoo are on the boat too I have several openID's to rationalize
  2. Twine, which for me has now completely replaced del.icio.us because I like the way it's configured, and the idea of colaborative link accumulation around topics appeals to me
  3. ThisNext which is basically a site where you post links to stuff you find cool to show people how ahead of the curve you are, but it's also a great place to find links to awesome stuff.
Of course these days I'm a member of soooooo many "social networking" sites that it's beginning to make my head spin

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