Apparently, quality dates quality

I picked up this hilarious link off a yelp conversation: Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey: Dating tip: Quality dates quality. Let me tell you this is fantastic. This woman goes througha laundry list of her wonderful qualities to convince herself and the rest of the world that she's quality people. Now there's nothing wrong with some well placed confidence, but posting your hot-or-not score starts to smell a little desperate.
just to whet your appetite I've given a little snippet below:

"The above list explains why I typically receive 50-100 (sometimes more) responses whenever I post personal ads. This is in addition to getting hit on almost every time I go out alone (and all that those men know about me is that they like the way I look, they don’t even know about all the other qualities I have that make me more appealing than most other women)."

I think that sums it up. So gentlemen, if you're quality, have I got the gal for you!

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