Advanced manuvers in euro-style

So I've oft joked about, and once posessed, albeit accidentally, the ridiculous faux hawk. But today I saw not less than 3 examples of what must be the most advanced manuver in eurostyle I'veever seen. The euro-mullet + faux hawk, yes kids it's 80's party in the back with a 21st century party in the front. Not since back to the future 2 have I seen hairstyles this cool. As if that weren't enough, one of the people I saw managed to up the stakes even more by pairing it with the quebecois tuxedo ( candadian tuxedo of jeans avec denim jacket, but the jeans were super tight). I can't even imagine what's next, but I new it had been too long since I'd been to Europe. Luckily I'm only here for about a week so it's likely I won't come to see this style of dress as acceptable. Athough, I am already sporting 5 days of stubble, 3 days of which were pre-grown just so I felt comfortable when I landed.

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