Like a feather

So last sunday thanks to an awesome friend I got to go to a Nikka Costa show at Templebar in Santa Monica. For those of you who don't know who she is, you should make an effort to see her live, cause the woman's got a set of pipes, and man can she move. When she first stepped out on to stage I thought she was relatively unattractive with a slightly porsine face. But when she started singing and dancing she became unbelievably hot. She is a great singer with a vocal style that's anywhere from funk, to blues, to janis joplin on a bender. She can sing, but she can also wail with serious intensity. I'd heard her music before the show, so what really caught me off guard was how she moved, she has this efforless quality to her dancing, which wasn't dirty, but somehow still makes you feel underaged. She wasn't doing anything particularly special in terms of movement, it was just that she was so natural and at home that it made her ridiculously hot. Grace isn't the right word, and saying that she was the movement sounds too new agey, but I think ya get the idea, she's got oomph.

Jst a little side note, one thing that surprised me about this show was how little people had dressed for it. Okay, I know it's a Sunday, but come on, this is LA, not San Francisco. I'd expect the crowd to have a little more effort than that.

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