Googling for comedy

Aloha all,
in the nasty grad student catagory of news we have the following URL. http://www.pacm.princeton.edu/research/Lohman.jpg Use google to find out exatcly what's funny about this guy, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. But his picture looks exactly as you'd expect after you find the relevant articles


harsh said...

So incidentally after passing this on to a friend, when he got the article link he posted it to www.sploid.com and it became the top story ( scooping drudge)

u said...

May I say . . . bleargh. Freakin math students.

Lou said...

he really does look like a molester. However, when I heard that it was a student at princeton, i immediately thought of the only person i know who goes there. he also looks like a sexually deviant feel-copper.