You'd think as an early adopter I'd have jumped on the blog bandwagon a lot earlier, but for years the blogs I tracked were interesting and topic specific funny, or noteworthy in some way. But it's been a long time since blogs were about all of that, so here I am, one of the masses contributing to the slurry of text that is out there.

my playlist today:

  • cure-lovecats
  • frank zappa-valley girl
  • Cream-crossroads
  • Diana Krall- frim fram sauce
  • Stereolab- Super Falling Star
  • Hoverphonic-Wicky
  • Kinks- all day and all of the night
  • Kid Loco- going aorund in circles
  • Beck - Tropicalia
  • Cibo Matto- flowers
  • Aerosmith-sweet emotion
  • Led Zeppelin - fool in the rain
  • Clapton- Layla(original)
  • lou reed-walk on the wild side
  • Ramones- I wanna be sedated
  • Andres Segovia- Chacone
  • Lo Fi Allstars-BattleFlag
  • Belle and Sebastian- Step in to my office
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Bang

Using: 15 Gig ipod 3rd gen

So here's the last several songs in my rotation
if anyone's reading this and you have recomendations/suggestions
please post em.

This is it for my first blog entry, and the others will be much like this, little
or no point, but you might find a new (or old) song worth listening to.

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